Board Sub Committees


Match Committee: Ron Kaye, Robert Barclay, Bill Semple, Peter Blakey, Graeme Wolstencroft

Selection Committee: Ron Kaye, Russell Farr, Wayne Sheridan, Graeme Wolstencroft, Bill Semple.

Bowls Victoria - Club Delegates: Peter Blakey and Paul Whiteside

Coaches: tba

Umpire: R Kaye

Measurer: M Dobell


Greens Advisory Committee:

Green Keeper: Steve Tilbey

Greens Director: Bob Verity

Greens Advisory Committee: Ben Shelley, Dadrian Jurkovskis, Paul Whiteside, Graeme Wolstencroft.


Welfare Committee

It was felt that all members of the club should be part of the Welfare Committee and if any help is required, the Secretary, President or Graeme Wolstencroft should be contacted.

SUB COMMITTEES were elected as follows: 

  • GRANTS:  Margaret Dobell, Brian Octigan and Russell Farr.
  • COMMUNICATIONS: Peter Blakey, Dadrian Jurkovskis, Margaret Dobell, Ben Shelley, Russell Farr, Irene Booth
  • ACTIVITIES AND EVENTS:   Margaret Dobell, Ron Kaye, Brian Octigan, Ben Shelley, Paul Whiteside. Kaye Flemming will help with the Bingo.
  • BAR:  The Bar Manager will be appointed by the Board of Management.
    • The following volunteers will assist in the bar: John Pitman, Shellie Kavanagh, Jim Kavanagh, Margaret Dobell, Bill Semple and Eamon Brady.
  • FACILITIES: Bob Verity will convene the committee with the power to co-opt.
  • CATERING AND HOUSE KEEPING: Margaret Dobell to convene with the assistance of Irene Booth and all other volunteers
  • SPONSORSHIP:  Margaret Dobell to convene with the help of Ron Kaye, Brian Octigan, Bill Semple, Russell Farr, Graeme Wolstencroft.

NB - The Club President is a member of all Committees formed and operating in the Club, ex officio. 

All sub committees have the power to co-opt.